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V-Steam Herbs

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Vaginal Steaming, also known as Yoni Steaming, is a natural remedy used by exposing the vagina to steam and organic herbs while cleansing it. This process is done by sitting over a throne of your choice, with steaming hot water mixed with an assortment of over 10 herbs. The herbs are used to penetrate the vaginal tissues along with other benefits including: •Alleviating bad menstrual pain •Boosting fertility •Reducing stress •Restoring ph balance •Helps to cure yeast and bacteria infections •Helps with cyst and fibroids.    

With each purchase, you'll be able to do a minimum of 3 Steams.

How many steams are suggested for you?

  • 1-3 Steams
    • Looseness, Dryness
  • 3-4 Steams
    • Tubal Blockage
    • Yeast Infections
    • Vaginal Odor
    • Bacterial Vaginosis
    • Urinary Tract Infections
    • Heavy or Irregular Cycles
  • 5-6 Steams
    • Cysts, PCOS
  • 7-8 Steams
    • Endometriosis
    • Fibroids

Steams are suggested at least 3x a week.

Ingredients: Lavender, Mugwort, Rose Petals, Yarrow, Rosemary, Calendula